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Configuration Manager and Build Manager at Fujitsu

A member of the Methods & Practices, a specialist group to serve and support the customer teams in Application Management (AM). We were responsible for establish and improve the Configuration Management area in AM and together with the Customer teams create a cost effective infrastructure that can deliver regular releases to our customers with high quality and high business value.

Primary Responsibilities & Deliverables:

  • Establish, maintain and improve the Build and CI infrastructure
  • Establish, maintain and improve central AM automated test infrastructure
  • Establish, maintain and improve the central Source Control Management System
  • Maintain Release Automation for the different stages of the deployment pipeline
  • Conduct training for developers and testers on how to utilize the CM practices
  • Coordinate with Configuration Managers from different Customers

Support for on the specific customer infrastructure

  • Help the customer teams support their specific development and test server infrastructure

Transition of new customers into Fujitsu AM

  • Adopt new customers into a AM Configuration Management setup

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