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Configuration Manager and Build Master at BEC

We were responsible for configuration management in a project that developed a new system for pension funds. Subsequently, we were responsibility to extended to cover both development and management of the system.

We were a part of a larger project team of highly skilled employees to develop solutions for several clients on pension and life assurance market. Solutions was based on the latest technologies: J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Webservices, SQL Server, etc.

Our job was to build from a tomcat environment to BEC standard, websphere. Basically from ant to maven2, project structure and packaging. Using hudson, luntbuild and "homemade" buildservers. Error tracking when builds was not working correctly.

Our responsibilities was:

  • Establishment of configuration management strategy and plans
  • Build planning and management
  • Baseline management
  • Merge management
  • Packing and promotions
  • Scripting

Some of the tools that was used:

  • Subversion
  • ClearCase
  • Hudson
  • Jenkins
  • Luntbuild
  • Maven
  • Ant
  • Eclipse

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