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I have enjoyed working with Mikael as his manager at Fujitsu in a multinational and multisite environment. Mikael started in a new role as Configuration Manager /Build Manager and did a very good job of establishing a new technical infrastructure. Even though the infrastructure involved a number of different technology stacks across several customers, Mikael had an amazing eye on the important details and the high level overview. Mikael has a passion for continuous learning and the courage to jump into new and maybe unknown areas. I think, this is one of his unique drivers for continuously improving whatever he is doing. I look forward to follow Mikael on his future agile journey. Mikael is highly recommended as Configuration Manager/Build Manager.

Mads Troels Hansen, Head of Methods and Practices, Application Management, Fujitsu

Kim host madsen

Working with Mikael is a pleasure, he is a very good teamplayer and knows how to solve diffecult problems without quiting.As a developer I work with many projects together with Mikael. Michael is good at finding errors and resolve them even in areas that was not he's field. He has a good server overview and create perfekt server strategies.

Kim Host-Madsen, Software Developer, Fujitsu


I have been working with Mikael in CSC. He has very good technical knowledge in configuration manager/build area. His task on project was mainly to improve inefficient processes and do overall cleanup in configuration management area. He got into his task quickly and soon he delivered very good results. In my career I haven't worked with more suitable person for configuration management then Michael. Therefore I have to give him my very best recommendations.

 Matej Polak, Developer, CSC



Mikael was hired in as a CM and Team Lead for the Developer & Configuration Management Team. He appeared a great team player as well as a person of great technical understanding of the present tasks - much liked and respected by team members. Personally, I got the impression of Micke as being a man of great resolute, someone who knows where he's going. I would enjoy to work witk Micke again!

 Jacob Kjaer, Solution Architect, Senior Consultant, CSC


 Helle Vestergaard

During a period of three years I have worked with Mikael at BEC. He was at all times a hardworking colleague who took honour in delivering his work within specified time. And always with a good spirit.

Helle Vestergaard, Tester, BEC Bankernes EDB central

 Lars Kjeldsen

I worked with Mikael in about 2 years, and have had good exspiriense regarding security issues in some pension appl work, where he was developer, and can strongly recommend him. His is a hard working person, and serves very good work.

Lars Kjeldsen, System Konstruktor, BEC


I had the pleasure working with Mikael in BEC. He as a configuration manager and buildmaster, me as a external consultant (tester). Anytime I had some tecnical problems I went to Mikael , because I knew that he immediately - in a very helpfull way - would solve my problem or find the the right person to do. As a colleague to Mikael I can only give him my very best recommendation.

 Leni Hansen, Testspecialist, BEC




I worked together with Mikael at BEC. He is a really hard worker and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mikael it the kind of guy you would want as a Build & Configuration manager. From my experience with Mikael, I can highly recommend him!

 Claus Lehmann Munch, Databaseadministrator, BEC


 Lisbeth gry Madsen

I have worked with Mikael for more than one year. Mikael is a very easy person to be around and what I hear from my colleagues, he is already missed both because of his personality and his knowledge. I can strongly recommend Mikael for his dedication in his work and the way he is towards his colleagues.

Lisbeth Gry Madsen, Department Assistant, Fujitsu

 Czeslaw Kazimierczak

Mikael has all what is required from a good configuration manager: a strong technical background and ability to work in a systematic and well-organized manner. Any project in the need of professional configuration management would benefit from having Mikael aboard.

Czeslaw Kazimierczak, Application Architect, CSC Danmark A/S


Mikael is a good guy, always eager to do an equally good job. He also fits in well in the group.

 Ulf Bengtsson, Manager, SonyEricsson Mobile Communications AB


I've been working with Mikael in BEC for 2 years. As a Tester and a Test Manger I have had plenty contact with Mikael as our configuration manager/buildmaster. Mikael is a very friendly person, with a professional and flexible approach, with whom I have enjoyed very much to work with. Whatever technical problem I contacted Mikael about, he immediately set to find a solution. As a former colleague, I give Mikael my best recommendations.

 Britta Ramshardt, System Konstruktor, BEC


 Preben Nilsson

I worked with Mikael from 2008 to 2010, and he strikes me as a hard working guy, who is able to create a friendly working environment despite outer circumstances.

Preben Nilsson, IT Architect, BEC

 Anders Lynghoj Jensen

Besides being a pleasant and humorous person Michael Floberg is a highly professional colleague. I have worked with him to establish continuous integration and deployment procedure for a specific client, so that the development and implementation of new application features is executed safely. He is also really good at taking the initiative regarding suggesting and introducing new methods and technologies to continue to optimize the daily work and processes. This particullar skill of always being open to new methods and areas is - in my opinion - an important feature only the best IT professionals possess. I can definitely recommend Mikael Floberg.

Anders Lynghoj Jensen, Senior Software Developer, Fujitsu



I worked with Mikael in Danish Tax Modernization project.From the time he started at the project, he worked meticulously to improve the configuration management in the project. He initiated the work to cleanup the repository. Mikael is a knowledgeable, motivated guy .I wish him all the best in future assignment.

 Anirban Roy, Solution Architect, CSC Computer Science corporation






I have worked with Mikael in a team where he was responsible for the configuration of our shared server based applications. Mikael is a very pleasant to work with. He takes pride in achieving the best solution for you. He has a great technical insight in the technologies we worked with. It seems he is constantly expanding his skills in order to be one step ahead of the challenges you face him with!

  Niels Olsen, Software Developer, Fujitsu A/S


Claus Skoven

Mikael has a very deep technical knowledge in the configuration and build area and capable of handling complex situations under pressure. As a person he is willing to go the extra mile with a smile =:^) I can only give Mikael my very best recommendations.

Claus Skoven, Senior Project Manager, Fujitsu

 Morten Froulund

Being Manager for Mikael as a Configuration Manager is a recommendable job. Mikael is dedicated, hardworking and very professional in all aspects of his work. Mikael is highly technical skilled and is always seeking to build the best possible solutions within the shortest amount of time. Mikael is very open minded, flexible and easy to work with as he has a personality that encourage others to do the same. I can highly recommend Mikael as Configuration Manager.

Morten Froulund, Head of Application Management, Fujitsu - Denmark


Mikael has been the key person in setting up and running the development environments for our teams, raising our capabilities to a higher, more agile level. He has a good combination of existing technical knowledge and ability to learn new stuff as needed. On a more personal level, Mikael is a friendly and pleasant person to be around.

 Tue Wennerberg, Application Architect, Fujitsu



I have worked with Mikael in a team where he was responsible for the configuration of our shared server based applications. Mikael is a very pleasant to work with. He takes pride in achieving the best solution for you. He has a great technical insight in the technologies we worked with. It seems he is constantly expanding his skills in order to be one step ahead of the challenges you face him with!

 Niels Olsen, Software Developer, Fujitsu A/S


Helle Kroyer

I know Mikael as a serious, curious and helpful colleague. Devoted to his job, curious about what I as a tester am working with and with a strong focus on how his setup can help my team in achieving better quality. Highly recommended as Configuration Manager and Build Manager.

Helle Kroyer, Test Engineer, Fujitsu

 Niels Helmer Petersen

I have the pleasure of working with Mikael on the technical aspects of securing the quality in keeping application-code tidy as far as versioning goes. Also the important issues in defining a qualified branching-strategy have been taken care of by Mikael in a very professional and engaged way. I very highly can recommend Mikael as a dedicated colleague.

Niels Helmer Petersen, Project Manager, Fujitsu A/S


Mikael is a hardworking and dedicated professional that I've really enjoyed working with! Very responsive, eager to learn and ready to venture into unknown territory. I can warmly recommend Mikael.

 Sissel Bagge, Technical writer, Fujitsu



Mikael is a conscientious, hardworking and professional person. He is also very amiable and makes a great addition to any development team. He has a deep technical knowledge that he is forever expanding. I highly recommend Mikael and wish the best of luck for the future.

 Joseph Serra, Release Manager, Fujitsu Denmark A/S


Klaus Burchardt

I've been working with Micke for two years. He has been an exellent Configuration Manager, where deep technical insight is one of his virtues. Further, he's able to create and manage large & complex setups and drive the evolution of the platform.

Klaus Burchardt, Head of Telco Development & Projects, Fujitsu

 Bobby Singh

It has been great pleasure working with Mikael as a Configuration and Build Manager at Fujitsu. Mikael has added enormous value to the organization by getting control of the source code of many of the systems developed and maintained by the teams. He has setup, configured and polished a suite of tools to manage build and run automated test code. This has helped the teams to deliver better quality. I wish him all the best with his future challenges.

Bobby Singh, Product owner and Team lead, Fujitsu


It has been pleasure working with Mikael as a Configurtaion Manager . He is a hardworking and process oriented person. He is always professional regardless of any situation. I wish him best of luck with all his future challenges.

 Preeti Singh, Change Manager, Fujitsu Denmark



I have only worked with Michael for a short period of time at Fujitsu but it was a good experience. He was a great support to the documentation team and, among other things, helped out establishing an environment for delivering documentation to customers on customer specific wikis. Michael is very knowledgeable within his field, he is dedicated and hardworking, and a good colleague who is open for ideas and always very helpful. I can highly recommend Michael.

 Dorte Breitenstein Kristensen, Documentation Manager, Fujitsu


Piotr Skawinski

I worked with Mikael for a short time in Fujitsu. I was about to stop as external consultant and Mikael has just started as configuration manager. I was handing over the build configuration part I started on to Mikael. Mikael showed that he is an experienced configuration manager. He has a deep knowledge about common used build and configuration tools and many good ideas on how a proper build and continues integration should be done in an enterprise system with many applications. Mikael gets my best recommendations for any project that needs an experienced configuration manager.

Piotr Skawinski, Consultant, Cybercom Consulting

 Albert Ashish Darivemula

Mikael is an excellent team player and individual contributor as well. He's focused and quick in resolving issues. It was a great experience to work together with him for one of the biggest Telco companies in Denmark. He can be of great asset for any organization he works with.

Albert Ashish Darivemula, Consultant, Fujitsu


I had the pleasure of working with Mikael in 2008 at BEC. I was hired in as a consultant to build an integration and deployment environment. Mikael was hired later in the project as Build & Configuration manager. I had to mentor and teach Mikael what I had built. Mikael is a fast and eager learner. He likes to learn new things and is generally a nice guy with a great sense of humor. I'd love to work with him again sometime - He gets my best recommendations.


 Kristian Rasmussen, Freeclance consultant/System integratior, BEC Bankernes EDB central


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Fujitsu in Denmark is a leader in application and infrastructure outsourcing, Public solutions IT products, consulting and Field Services.

CSC is a leading global IT services company with approximately 98,000 employees in more than 90 countries. They help private and public clients achieve results through the use of advanced and innovative IT solutions

BEC (Bankernes EDB Central) is a Danish full service IT house. There core competency is the development and operation of IT business solutions for banking and pension market.

Sony Mobile Communications AB (formerly Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB) is a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

Ericsson, one of Sweden's largest companies, is a provider of telecommunications equipment and data communication systems, and related services, covering a range of technologies, including especially mobile networks.