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Who we are

BaseLine AB is a consulting company mainly focusing in software configuration management (SCM) and positioned in Helsingborg, south of Sweden. M F L BaseLine Consulting AB is a company that is providing its services specifically in Nordic region. The company deals in the field of Software Configuration Management, software development, software build environments etc. Our company believes that SCM is a major procedure in Software industry without which there is no safety and reinforcement. So, we provide best solutions and strategies that can easily help the client to run their organizations promptly.

"Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all."
John F. Kennedy

M F L BaseLine Consulting AB has been founded by Mikael Floberg and he is the CEO of this IT Consulting Company. Mikael himself has an experience of more than 13 years as a permanent employee in the field of software configuration management. Previously, he has worked for several top-notch organizations and clients.

To ensure the breadth of knowledge required in todays IT-business setting. BaseLine AB provides top-notch services and support to several organizations mainly situated in south of Sweden. The company has the ability to serve a wide array of organizations that are willing to improve their approach of software configuration management. Our aim is to deliver preeminent solutions and ideas that hold high-value profits and business values. Our IT Company has the ability to provide best IT solutions and services in shortest time period to enhance the business value of our clients and their organizations.

All About M F L BaseLine Consulting AB
The company is all about supervising, configuring and developing of IT business. Our aim is to provide leading and fast services to all the clients in Sweden regarding technology. The major issues our company deals in are designing, development, system integration, Software configuration, debugging and thorough support of applications along with their respective platforms.

We do assessments, tool implementations, establish and improving the configuration management area, build and continuous integration, infrastructure, build strategy, branching and merging, source control management system, maintain release automation for the different stages of the deployment pipeline and SCM tools without any problem or delay. As an organization, and as individual professionals, we continuously strive to implemet and develop the best solutions and methods for our clients.

Our Exclusive IT Mission
Since, the company has been founded by an expert of software configuration; so, the major mission or ambition of this company is to provide best and authentic IT solutions. The strategy behind our IT mission is to deliver solutions and ideas to our clients in timely manner to develop bridges of successful partnerships. Focusing on major software configuration management (SCM) issues, the company holds a huge array of exclusive and legitimate solutions that can easily minimize the mistakes and maximize the value of your IT investments.

Benefits Of Partnering Our IT Company
Every business company looks for benefits when it comes to partnership. By partnering M F L BaseLine Consulting AB, you can get superior solutions mainly focusing Software development and Configuration Management. No matter, you are planning to migrate to a new version control system or trying to get best IT Consulting Strategies regarding development and deploying of Software. M F L BaseLine Consulting AB is the one and only economical solution of your IT needs.

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Meet our assiduous team

Mikael Floberg

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Mikael has proven himself as a devoted and motivated Software Engineer and Configuration Manger. Before founding M F L BaseLine Consulting AB, he was working in the field from past 13 years and already has the experience of all type of technical issues and IT Solutions. He is a certified programmer and still expanding the span of his skills by learning more. You can learn more about his certifications and experience by visiting his resume at linkedin.