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We are always ready to help out. So, if you are having any kind of trouble or query regarding Software developing or Software Configuration Management then feel free to share your thoughts with us by filling this short form.

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  • Approach To Use Simple Coding

    When it comes to Software and Application Development, our major concern is to provide best code and coding techniques. We provide simple but powerful codes that are flawless and easy to understand and meet the expectations of our clients.

  • Help & Support

    We are highly dedicated and devoted to the needs and requirements of our clients. When it comes to develop a software, applications or Software Configuration Management, you can easily get thorough help and support from us for the betterment of your business. You can easily get best solutions and ideas by consulting our IT professionals without any reluctance.

  • Elegance In Development and Software Configuration

    We provides the most reliable, latest and profitable solutions when it comes to IT Consultancy, developing software or Software Configuration Management. It doesn't matter if you are looking for multiple development styles, one touch deployment, world class version control or any Software Configuration Management query. BaseLine AB has the tendency to uphold your IT business requirements flawlessly.

  • Flawless Coding & Building Strategies

    Our ambition is to provide flawless and error free code that can help people to use our developed Software without any trouble. Meanwhile, our services for Software Configuration Management are also outstanding. In short, the codes and solutions developed and scripted by us are perfect.

  • No broken chain

    Let us help you set up the build chain. From commiting the code until you have a deployed product in the correct enviorment

We are in charge of developing and automate awesome things!

Understanding the needs and requirements of a client is our major concern. We go through all the details and needs to produce certain strategies and techniques that can help our clients to get proper visibility all around the world.


Our goal is to finish our projects on a 89% of the scheduled time, leaving plenty of time for unexpected issues.

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We have our company stationed in south of sweden. We have the ability to serve clients all over the world but our whole setup is in Sweden and we prefer to work in Nordic region.

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We believe in Go Green theory and certainly we prefer to work by keeping the environment green and safe. This can be done by performing short actions like less usage of electricity, water and paper. Instead of large impacts we believe in small unswerving actions that can easily bring a change in environment.

Are you with us to keep the planet green?

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Our strategies and solutions can easily help the clients to increase their profits without any delay. So, if you want to run a profitable business, feel free to share your requirements with us.

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Work with us to increase your profits and free valuable resources in your business.

First and foremost its about understanding you, your business, and the problem at hand. That is the most important thing to us, otherwise were not capable of solving the job. Together well find the best solution; You set the requirements - It is our job to listen, understand, and implement those dreams.

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 Mads Troels Hansen

"I have enjoyed working with Mikael as his manager at Fujitsu in a multinational and multisite environment. Mikael started in a new role as Configuration Manager /Build Manager and did a very good job of establishing a new technical infrastructure. Even though the infrastructure involved a number of different technology stacks across several customers, Mikael had an amazing eye on the important details and the high level overview. Mikael has a passion for continuous learning and the courage to jump into new and maybe unknown areas. I think, this is one of his unique drivers for continuously improving whatever he is doing. I look forward to follow Mikael on his future agile journey. Mikael is highly recommended as Configuration Manager/Build Manager."

Mads Troels Hansen, Head of Methods and Practices, Application Management, Fujitsu

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